Reshaping Gums

Too much or not enough gum, recession, root exposure, or blunting of the pointed gum tissue between teeth. These are all intricately related to the beauty and youthfulness of a smile. 

Sadly, as we age, these sorts of gum issues can take hold. Think of the gums like a frame encircling a piece of art, which is the tooth. If the frame is cheap and defective looking, it will take away from the beauty of the tooth, no matter how pretty it may appear. 

Attention to periodontics, that discipline in dentistry specifically concerned with the gum, bone, and ligaments surrounding the teeth, is paramount for successful esthetic outcomes. An enlightened practitioner will always avoid having the edges of crowns, veneers or fillings buried too deeply beneath the gum line and too close to the bone that lies beneath, and if this is necessary, measures to implement to negate the harmful consequences. Such a physical spatial violation of the prosthesis can readily lead to an invasion of what is known as “biological width,” with a subsequent inflammatory response that can cause ugly recession and attendant bone loss to occur.

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***Clinical photos are original cases that were accomplished personally by Dr. Nick***