A diagnostic laser tech that objectively verifies if decay is present or absent within the grooves of a tooth.  Instead of the old school way of simply looking at a tooth and probing with a metal explorer, our office routinely uses the Diagnodent® coupled with digital x-rays to quantify the presence, or absence, of decay. 

Hard, non-decayed tooth structure reflects most of the laser light energy back to the Diagnodent, and records a smaller number, thereby quantifying things.  Numbers below 30 are not decay.  Conversely, a softer, decaying tooth will absorb much of the laser light energy, and the diagnodent processor records a much higher number due to less light bouncing back to the unit, proving to Dr. Nick that the decay is indeed present. 

A number above 30 is most assuredly a cavity, whether it is obvious clinically or not.  The laser diagnostic technology known as the diagnodent does a great job eliminating the subjective, as is always the goal at Dr.Nick’s!