Root Canals

If a tooth dies or is dying, it can create a very painful problem. A root canal basically removes the problem which is typically a bacterial infection, allowing the patient to retain a tooth that would otherwise be lost. Typically, root canal success rates hover around the 90% mark as strange anatomy, unusual bacteria, and various other factors can complicate the outcome.

The pulp or “nerve” of the tooth can be thought of as a river system leading to the bone, which can be thought of as the ocean. The purpose of a root canal then would be analogous to cleaning out a river system all the way to the ocean.





Laser Root Canal Therapy

Though Dr. Nick avoids root canal therapy at all costs, when necessary, he uses ozone combined with his erbium lasers to accomplish Photon Induced Photoacoustic (PIPS) streaming, a recently discovered phenomenon whereby photons of the 2940 nanometer erbium laser wavelength creates profound shock waves within the main root canal system and the tough to clean lateral canals, theoretically increasing the efficacy of the root canal procedure.  When combining PIPS laser treatment with ozone, this is NOT your typical root canal therapy!

Steps for Treatment



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