Patient Visualization

Intraoral and extraoral photography: Dr. Nick Yiannios uses USB-enabled miniature cameras to display to patients any problems that might be going on in their oral cavity.

This technology captures amazingly clear images directly to the dual monitors in the dental treatment room so that the patient and the doctor can review them immediately together. Dr. Nick Yiannios also uses professional digital SLR cameras and mirrors to take superbly high-quality images for his esthetic and cosmetic work. These images allow him to more accurately mimic the exact “look” that a tooth has when he customizes a CEREC® crown or veneer in the office while staining and glazing the restoration, on-site, that day. We also use the digital SLR’s to document the condition of a patient’s bite to help diagnose “TMJ” and bite issues as well.

Virtual modeling: Dr. Nick Yiannios uses this software to demonstrate to the patient various anatomy relating to the head and neck. Particularly useful for patients with orofacial pain and “TMJ” problems, Anomalous Medical, LLC software allows total customization of the virtual model, allowing us to mimic the patient’s problems virtually when combined with our 3-D imaging and other objective modalities.

Videography:  For years, our practice has been recording and uploading patient case studies to the World Wide Web. Dr. Nick Yiannios has compiled and edited every one of the videos himself, which demonstrate everything from our CEREC® CAD/CAM restorations, to root canals, to digital implant placement, to our TMD treatments. On YouTube, our channel, drnickdds, houses over 100 of these videos.


Some sample videos:

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