Straightening Teeth - Closing Gaps

Orthodontic movements with braces, bridges, or implants can be used to correct misaligned teeth in the jawbones. Every case is different and should be properly evaluated by an experienced dental practitioner before the patient undergoes any of the above three options. Special consideration should always be given to the implications that closing spaces via the above 3 modalities will have on:

  • The gum tissues
  • The bone in both the maxilla and the mandible (upper and lower jaws respectively)
  • The effect that tooth movements have on:
    • The bite
    • The TMJ's

Beware of cosmetic dentists (not Dr. Nick) ignoring the effects that straightening teeth have upon the bite and the TMJ’s. Most ignore this critical interaction between the bite and TMJ health. They are each interrelated. Violating these 2 parameters can lead to chronic issues such as headaches, hypersensitive teeth, and chronic “TMJ” dysfunction.

Suresmile Aligners

At Dr. Nick’s, we employ aligner therapy for mild to moderate tooth movements, referring the most complex cases on to the orthodontist specialists.  The aligner that we use in our orthodontic cases is the Sirona Suresmile® brand, as Dr. Nick has found that the CEREC 3D imaging that this system is dependent upon is by far the most accurate one out there, and that the Suresmile® aligners tend to do a faster and more efficient job when it comes to mild to moderate orthodontic movements.  Many patients can utilize aligners instead of traditional orthodontic wires and brackets.