Microscope Dentistry

Why use a microscope in dental medicine?

Simply put, many of the things that we are evaluating and treating are small, so small, that many times we must visualize with a high-output, high-magnification LED-powered surgical microscope to affect the most effective treatment for our valued patients. ENT’s, neurosurgeons, and other medical specialists who routinely deal with minute surgeries have been using high-powered magnification for decades, though few dentists have followed suit, unfortunately, in Dr. Nick Yiannios’s opinion. The increased visualization and information gleaned from the usage of a microscope results in more precise, deliberate, and improved patient treatment outcomes.

Dr. Nick Yiannios routinely uses his Carl Zeiss microscope for endodontic (root canal) therapy, and at times pulls it out for restorative and esthetic dentistry as well.  He even has a digital camera and video recorder integrated into the microscope in the event he needs to document the treatment. You will never see him not using magnification, whether it be through his hi-powered head loupes or the microscope, period.  After all, if he can’t see it, he can’t treat it, and he totally gets that.

*** Clinical photos are original cases that were accomplished personally by Dr. Nick ***