Laser Dentistry

Dr. Nick Yiannios uses two types of lasers to provide state-of-the-art dental care in our practice. A dual-wavelength ErYAG and NDYAG laser known as a Fotona Lightwalker, and a soft tissue diode laser called the Ivoclar Odyssey which works at yet another wavelength. Dr. Nick is the co-founder of DDSLASE advanced laser training for other dentists, a training course offering for other dentists within his CNO teaching curriculum.


Dr. Nick has several lasers because the different wavelengths provide completely different treatment options, including, but not limited to the following:

  • cavity removal from both baby & adult teeth, often without a shot or a drill!
  • recontouring of the gum tissues
  • to treat snoring
  • to plump lips without the addition of filler
  • removal of pathology within the mouth
  • to improve imaging of crowns, bridges, implants, and veneers before robotic CADCAM procedures
  • to assist with various soft tissue and bony surgical procedures
  • as an aid to increase the success rate of root canal therapy
  • to remove old ceramic crowns intact without a drill
  • to stop bleeding
  • to numb a tooth or teeth
  • to treat TMD patients
  • to effortlessly & cleanly uncover dental implants
  • to aid with treating headaches of muscular origin
  • as an adjunct for orthodontic treatment
  • to help speed healing after extractions and bone grafts
  • for bloodless frenectomies
  • to aid with facial aesthetic treatments around the mouth
  • cold sore treatments
  • aphthous ulcer treatments
  • to speed up in-office bleaching

Learn more about laser dentistry in Rogers today by contacting our helpful team at Dr. Nick, D.D.S. at (479) 876-8000.   


*** Clinical photos are original cases that were accomplished personally by Dr. Nick ***