Jaw Tracking/Velocity/Digital Mastication Analysis

A digital and objective record of the movement of the mandible can be very important in regards to diagnosing chewing dysfunction (or lack thereof) prior to the initiation of dental treatment.  When was the last time that your dentist actually MEASURED & QUANTIFIED how you chew?  Do you not think that that would make a difference?  Why do we have teeth?  Dr. Nick uses Jaw Tracking technology in his Neural Occlusion diagnostic screening protocols to record, interpret, and act upon such information as indicate.

Jaw Tracking can also be used to track the speed and path of mandibular movements.  This objective data can also contribute to a deeper understanding of TMJ/D and orofacial dysfunctional issues.  Velocity is also a part of the Neural Occlusion screening protocols. 

Combining Jaw Tracking with Electromyography (EMG) allows Dr. Nick to watch how the chewing muscles react whilst chewing.  Have you ever heard of a dentist actually measuring the efficiency of chewing?  Why after all do we possess teeth if not to chew?!  Digital Mastication Analysis is also a part of Dr. Nick’s Neural Occlusion screening protocols.

Dr. Nick and BioPak engineer and creator Mr. John Radke.  The BioPak is the dental industries premiere digital diagnostic solution to chewing and TMJ/D diagnostic protocols.  Mr. Radke and Dr. Nick Yiannios lecture together regularly to train other dentists within Dr. Nick’s Center for Neural Occlusion teaching center.