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How can you create 6-10 cosmetic veneers on a patient in a single visit?

Every 3-4 months, Dr. Nick flies in a lab technician who has specialized in working with CEREC ceramics for decades.  Every case is carefully planned virtually and on 3-D printed models of the patient’s teeth well in advance of the day that the veneers are prepared, created, and inserted, after (of course) Dr. Nick vets the patients TMJs and their bite, minimally, with digital occlusal/bite technology and maximally with TMJ CBCT and TMJ MRI to ensure efficacy and longevity.  On the day of treatment, Dr. Nick prepares the teeth for cosmetic veneers for that patient and then hands the software design off to Eddie who creates the 6-10 veneers in the software and based upon the diagnostic workup that was done previously, mills it out, tries them in on the patients a few hours later, and then “cooks” them after customizing the shape and look of the smile.  Remember, the patient has already had a virtual diagnostic “mock-up” prior to that day, so they know what things will look like.  If any changes need to happen midstream, the technician and Dr. Nick changes things to the patient’s satisfaction on the fly.  Four hours later, Dr. Nick bonds the cosmetic veneers in place.  Customized, minimally invasive little “Ferrari’s”, these veneers, the shade, the shape; the whole case is completely created in the patients’ presence, allowing for personal input to ensure that the patient extremely happy with the final result! 

Patients eagerly fly in from all over the country for CADSMILES, knowing that they will:

  • Look amazing
  • Be created in a single day
  • Have less tooth removal accomplished by Dr. Nick due to the lack of need for temporaries
  • Not have to wear temporaries for weeks or months on end
  • Get to meet the talented lab technician in the flesh and have input into the final restorations

Dr. Nick also accomplishes many cosmetic front cases on his own, without the technician, though her prefers to have the patient who wants more than 4 anterior veneers to come in on a CADSMILES day.  Dr. Nick has accomplished more than 10,000 CEREC restorations since the year 2007 when he first incorporated CEREC technology into his practice.  He is one of the most experienced and talented CEREC providers in the nation!

 Contact Dr. Nick’s office for a CADSMILES same-day veneer consultation if you are interested in the ultimate expression of cosmetic ceramic dentistry, accomplished on the SAME DAY!

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